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John Pasowicz, Adjunct Assistant Professor, IIT Alumni – Bachelor of Architecture 2015

Quickly! Tell us about yourself!

I currently work at Chipman Design Architecture as a Project Associate in Chicago. Currently, I work on restaurant design across the Midwest and Northeast regions of the United states. I volunteer for an organization called The Architecture Lobby, and design and fabricate furniture. I have a Bachelors of Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology.

What is your favorite part about the Experiment in Architecture program?

The Experiment in Architecture program is an amazing opportunity to dive into architecture, it allows students to apply their different experiences and achieve things they would have never thought of before. Seeing the students passion helps remind us of what first brought us into the profession and what we hope to achieve in our career.

Brianda MirelesAdjunct Assistant Professor, Student – Bachelor of Architecture

Quickly! Tell us about yourself!

Currently, I am a fifth year architecture student here at IIT. I work for two departments at the university, one being Event Services, where I work as a design specialist coordinating spaces to accommodate events held throughout the university campus. I also work for the architecture department as coordinator for the International Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (MCHAP) held biannually.

What is your favorite part about the Experiment in Architecture program?

One of my favorite parts about the program is sharing all the information I’ve learned throughout my studies here with the students. This reminds me of how much I’ve grown and why I decided on architecture as a life choice. I enjoy having conversations with the students that join the program because they come from across the Chicago land area, and from around the world for the residential session. They all come with many perspectives which always leads to good conversations about ways of living and the architecture they’ve experienced.

Edgar Alvarado,  Program Assistant, IIT Student – Bachelor of Architecture

Quickly! Tell us about yourself!

I am a fifth year undergraduate architecture student. I transferred into IIT in after receiving my Associates Degree of Arts from Harold Washington College. Before that, I worked as an ESL facilitator in the non-profit organization, Universidad Popular. I’m a Chicago native, I enjoy running, biking, painting, art, and the Chicago Bears.

What is your favorite part about the Experiment in Architecture program?

I’m interested in how the program experience can prepare the students to make well informed decisions about their future. We try to give them a range of experiences that studying and practicing architecture will put them through. My favorite part is talking to them at the end of it and hearing them tell me whether architecture is right for them. That feeling is multiplied when i see them on campus the following year as incoming architecture students.


Jaucinta Echols, Director of Admission and Enrollment

Quickly! Tell us about yourself!
I am a Chicago native, Chicago Public School graduate and Illinois Institute of Technology alumni. I am the Director of Admission and Enrollment Management for the IIT College of Architecture, working to help students interested in studying within our Undergraduate and Graduate programs. Chicago is an amazing place to live with such a strong architectural background and has much to offer for those interested in studying and learning about architecture. I am happy to share my city with you all! I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, baking, BBQs at the lakefront, turtles, shopping and traveling!
What is your favorite part about the Experiment in Architecture program?

My favorite part of the program is the Expo that occurs during the last day of the workshops; the atmosphere is amazing! To see the student eagerly displaying the results of their hard work, the instructors proudly explaining the objectives of the projects and the student’s guests being able to share the moment.

Rolando Rodriguez, Program Assistant

Quickly! Tell us about yourself!

I’m a Chicago native in my fourth year as an undergrad architecture student. I have worked for the College of Architecture and the Athletics Department during my time at IIT, and previously studied at Harold Washington Community College. Before that I spent 14 years working in the retail industry. I like to spend my free time running, biking, sketching, and dabbling in watercolors.

What is your favorite part about the Experiment in Architecture program?

I’m excited for the opportunity to assist students as they explore the architecture design process and witness their progression through the program. Architecture has taught me how rewarding it is to take an idea and develop it into a robust project, so I really look forward to seeing how the students take what they learn and create their own unique pieces of work.

Julia Mosqueda, Program Assistant

Quickly! Tell us about yourself!

I was born and raised in the southside of Chicago and I am a first generation american. My parents were both born in Mexico so I hope to continue my research on the effect of immigration on art, specifically architecture. I’m a soccer fanatic and I enjoy trying new things from wood burning to making arrowheads like our ancestors use to. My life revolves around the holy trinity: family, new experiences, and tacos.

What is your favorite part about the Experiment in Architecture program?

This program is exciting because we are giving students an opportunity to encounter the discipline that goes into every piece of work. My high school never offered an opportunity to explore architecture so helping students dive into such a dense program is exciting. I also really love that students are able to see the city in a different way. A professor once told me that the architecture education gives you new eyes and I’m thrilled to be a part of that growth for future designers.

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