Day 8 (Session II): Gensler and Woodhouse Tinucci Architects

Today the students went on tours of two architecture firms; Gensler and Woodhouse Tinucci Architects. The two offices, of 320+ and ~20 employees respectively demonstrated the wide variety of work environments that exist. Gensler, one of the worlds largest architecture firms, designed the Shainghai Tower (shown below), while Woodhouse Tinucci focuses on mainly public and institutional projects. Mr. Tinucci gave the students a great overview of what it means to run a firm in terms of a business and a service, also noting that Woodhouse Tinucci often competes against Gensler for work even though the two firms are vastly different in size.


Shainghai Tower, Gensler



Rosewood Park, Woodhouse Tinucci Architects



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