Day 6 & 7: Weekend Fun!

With so many people interested in so many things, it is sometimes hard to organize a weekend that would make everyone happy. Kevin and I decided it would be best to try to show everyone a more local take on the city.

We started off Saturday with a local event and lunch in Chinatown. Everyone got to eat whatever they were craving and also spend some quality time with new friends. After lunch, we headed to the city center to allow people some freedom to do as they wished.


In small groups, people headed shopping, to Maggie Daley Park, or just toured around the Loop. While some people got sleepy, a few students wanted to stay and watch the Chicago Orchestra in a special concert at Millennium Park. Here they are applauding the orchestra!


After such a full week, we noticed the kids were tired and a little bit sleepy, but we knew we had a week of design ahead, so we though Sunday could be a  more relaxing day. Thanks to our director, Jaucinta, we were able to get a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant where everyone was able to eat to their heart’s content at the breakfast buffet. After that, we headed to the beach.

12th Street Beach is a hidden gem at Museum Campus. Everyone was able to hang out and listen to music before we started our final project!




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