Day 4: Millennium Park and Lake Shore East Park

Thursday was kicked off by heading downtown to Millennium Park.  Upon arrival, students were given time to take in and sketch their surroundings.  Many of these sketches capture the various levels of historic sky scrapers that make up Chicago’s iconic skyline.  IMG_1039

We then met up with Landscape Architect and IIT professor, Nilay Mistry for an in depth tour of the park.  This tour covered many aspects of architectural design including historic significance, thoughtful choice of material, and how crowds interact with space.  Mistry also described the meticulous process landscape architects go through to select just the right plants for any given space.


Crossing the BP Bridge which announces the presence of Chicago’s downtown parks, we entered Maggie Daley Park.  This park is full of great examples of how architects control the circulation of people to create a more enjoyable experience.

After our tour of the parks, we went to the more secluded Lake Shore East Park where students ate lunch, chatted, and played Frisbee.  Situated at the base of many high rises such as Aqua Tower, spending time in Lake Shore East Park is an experience like no other.


With the conclusion of our lunch break, we headed back to studio where the students received a lecture on creating collages to communicate ideas for their final project.  After creating collages, students were also tasked with creating paper cut-and-fold spaces as a way of experimenting with three-dimensional spatial qualities.  These brainstorming exercises push the students to think more like architects and will contribute greatly to the designing of their final projects!


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