EiA 2015! Day 1: Start of Commuter Session


Today starts the first day of the EiA Summer commuter session! The instructors for the program are Nina Cackovic, Spencer Olsufka and undergrad assistant, Brianda Mireles. We are all extremely enthused to share our passion for architecture with the students and help them understand the significance of architecture. We started the morning off with an ice breaker to help everyone get to know each other. Shortly after, first year Professor Paul Pettigrew was kind to give a lecture on the many types sketching and how architects use that as one of their most valuable tools.


Then, followed a tour of our model shop given by John Kreigshauser who is head of the shop. Shortly after, we had a campus tour where we discussed the history of the school’s buildings and the architecture on campus. We ended our day in studio, where we tested the students structural skills. Tomorrow awaits an adventure through downtown Chicago!


Day 8: Tours


We started the day off in studio, reviewing the students House for Memory maps that the students did of their homes. Once we finished we took a trip downtown where architects Albert Mignon and Joseph Dietz of VOA were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules to lead the tour of one of their completed projects, Roosevelt University. The building offered great views of Chicago which looked out towards the east end. After that tour, we walked a few blocks where we met up with Architect Bryan Schabel from Perkins and Will who led the tour of Williams Jones Prep. High School. After the tour we returned to campus for lunch and then came back to studio to get rolling with the students final project.



We started off the weekend by going downtown to see the shopping experience on State St and Michigan Ave. We stopped our little afternoon trip at Water Tower Place. After dinner we went up to the Skydeck on the Sears (Willis) Tower. On Sunday we were working on some projects that were due, for dinner we had some great carne asada tacos.

Day 5: Exploring Oak Park


Today we traveled to Oak Park, which is the home of the worlds largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) designed buildings and houses with 25 structures built between 1889 and 1913. Many of the Wright houses and buildings in Oak Park are registered National Historic Landmarks. We had an early start to the day, beginning in the Library of Oak Park, where the students did a variety of sketches of their surroundings. Soon after, we walked a couple blocks to the Unity Temple which is a Utilitarian Universalist church designed by FLW, built between 1905 to 1908. The students had a good time exploring through the temple with the multiple passages Mr. Wright created. After the church, we walked a few blocks to Mr. Wrights home and studio which he built in 1889 with a loan of $5,000 from his former employer Louis Sullivan. The students really enjoyed the tour of his home and studio. We then took a stroll through the neighborhood where many of Wrights homes he designed were. They were easy to spot, because his style was different compared to the Victorian houses surrounding his.

Tomorrow is another day of exploring Chicago!

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Day 4: Millenium Park

We started the day sketching some buildings that surround Millennium Park. We met Barbara Geiger near Crown Square she then told us about how the park was originally landfill from the Chicago Fire. Millennium Park is also situated above a parking structure that was intended to fund the construction of the park  We then enjoyed the sites and sounds of the Pritzker Pavillion and the Serpentine Bridge, both designed by Frank Gehry. From there we toured the Lurie Garden and ended at the Crown Fountain. The students then sketched around the park before we had lunch in Lakeshore East. When we were back in the classroom we created boxes out of chipboard to understand how to use an xacto and how to create a cube with dimension requirements. We are going to use this cube as another representation of their concept for their final project. It was also Bri’s birthday so the students sang to her.




Day:3 Site Visit!


This morning we introduced the beginning stages of the student’s “BIG PROJECT”. The day started off with the students exploring the given site located off of 35th St and Dearborn St. The students had the task of gathering the necessary information in order to do a thorough observation of the context of the site. The students learned that many different elements must be taken into consideration when designing a space in context. After gathering much information, we visited the Idea Shop here on campus to give the students a chance to regroup and draw a plan view of the site and its surroundings, a list of the qualities the site has to offer, as well as potential ideas for the area. After working up an appetite, we took a break for lunch on campus in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center designed by world-renowned architect, Rem Koolhaas. We finished the day off in studio, going through the students neighborhood maps from which they did for memory. This gave us an insight into their lives back home, and what places are significant to them. Lastly, the students worked on collages which aid as a process into really developing an idea of what it is they are wanting to convey within and around their project.

We’re all looking forward to tomorrow. We’ll be heading to Millennium Park downtown Chicago!

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Day 2: Exploring Chicago

We started the day off with some sketches on the river walk. Everyone has really captured the essence of the river walk. The students went on the Chicago Architecture Foundation riverboat tour. They learned a lot about the many different styles of architecture that are prevalent in Chicago. They also learned about the history of buildings, city and the names of many architects. Once we were finished with the tour we headed to the Art Institute of Chicago. We had a delicious lunch in the stock exchange room and explored the Modern Wing of the Art Institute. In the Architecture and Design Gallery there is an exhibit on Stanley Tigerman and Zago Architecture that they enjoyed. When we returned to campus we did a few drawing exercises that involved drawing fruit that has been cut open to better understand plan, section, and elevation drawings. At night we enjoyed the documentary “How much does your building weigh Mr. Foster”.



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