Day 1: Testing the waters

246What an awesome start to the EiA residential session! The morning was filled with learning the necessary techniques for free hand sketching. Each of the students were able to strike a pose and hold it for variations of thirty seconds to one minute, while the other students sketched the ones posing. With this lesson, students learned how to compose their sketches, as well as focus on the big picture opposed to the intricate details. Soon after the lesson, the students were able to put their free hand skills to use by sketching some of the architecture and nature here on the campus. Soon after,we met up with Luke Downen, third year architecture student, who led an amazing historic tour of the campus. Later on in the afternoon, Daniel Safarik led the lecture on the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). The students were full of questions, which led to a great conversation. Finally, we ended the day in studio by challenging the students to design and construct a structural form with the use of only gumdrops and tooth picks.

Tomorrow awaits a new adventure!

Expo Day

Sorry for the late post my internet has been kind of spotty. We had a blast this past session and can’t believe how quickly time has gone by. It was wonderful to see all of the work that they had completed and it was great to see all of the family members come to see the work. 


Day 8: In the Studio

We started off today with a presentation of the work the students have done so far and are working on drafting the Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections. After they finish their drawings they will then draw it on a clean sheet of paper and build a model.

Day 7: Firm Tours

We started off the day at the Chicago office of Nelson. They are located in the Inland Steel Building. They are a mid-sized firm that focuses on interiors. They designed their space so it was interesting to see them present sketches and drawings transfer into a built design that we were ale to walk through. Our next stop was Valerio Dewalt Train and Associates. They put on a great presentation that the students enjoyed. We also toured the office. It was interesting to see how they broke up their office based on the different projects teams were working on.

Day 6: Firm Tour and Glass Blowing

We started off the day at Carol Ross Barney Architects. The students were very interested in her work as well as what an architectural office looks like. After that we took a trip over to Ignite Glass Studio. The students were really impressed with the glass blowing techniques and the space. After that they had lunch and started designing their buildings.

Flickr Gallery

Here is the link to the flickr Gallery with all of the photos we have taken during the session.


Day 5: Tour of Oak Park

On Friday We started out in Oak Park at Unity temple by Frank Lloyd Wright. We spent some time in the temple looking at the details of the building and analyzing how and why it was constructed the way it was. For lunch we had some pizza at Geppetto’s. After Lunch we went to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio. John from The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust gave us a wonderful tour. When the tour was over we took a walk around Oak Park that ended at Petersen’s Ice Cream.


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